how long do ovaries work after hysterectomy?

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How long do ovaries work after hysterectomy?



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Ovaries will continue working even after you undergo a hysterectomy.


But to understand how they will function, read ahead!

  • If you are left with either one or both of your ovaries intact, then chances are that you will experience menopause within 5 years after the operation.
  • Ovaries continue to make significant levels of testosterone & androstenedione, at least until you turn 80.
  • Ovaries also produce small amounts of estrogen for approximately 20 years after menopause.
  • Muscle and fat cells convert testosterone and androstenedione into additional estrogen.
  • Lack of sufficient estrogen production:


Hope this answer solves your doubts!


Since hysterectomy leave your abdomen hanging, thus you can overcome same with a tummy tuck as well!

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