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What to expect 5 months after knee replacement?

Asked anonymously on 27th April, 2022 at 4:13 pm


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Dr. Dilip Mehta

19 years of experience

Joint Replacement Surgeon

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Regarding what to expect 5 months after knee replacement - If there are no complications then you can work freely as per your wish.


But after knee replacement, some patients do not recover as quickly as others. Consider the following:

  • Patients who conducted knee-strengthening activities before surgery have a better chance of recovering faster.
  • It may take longer recovery time for those patients who are older, smoke, or have other medical concerns.

Note: Although deviations from the "normal" recovery timeframe is not always expected, but such fluctuations are usually acceptable as long as the patient, doctor, and physical therapist continue to collaborate in the pursuit of a complete recovery.

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Dr. Hanisha Ramchandani

6 years of experience


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Usually it takes 5 months to a year to completely recover from the knee replacement surgery.
However Acupuncture sessions can be taken for boost in rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery.
There is a record of patients reduced pain, improved function and quick recovery after the surgery.
Acupuncture can be taken as a supplementary treatment for better pain management and to reduce use of prescribed medications.
Analgesic acupuncture points, balancing body points, distal points, anti inflammatory points help in reducing swelling around the knee, early recovery range of motion is also achieved with acupuncture.
Acupuncture with Acupressure, seed therapy are usually combined for quick boost in therapy response.

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Dr. Saurabh Talekar

7 years of experience


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At 5 months from Total knee replacement surgery we expect our patients to individually continue doing their knee exercises.
Most of our patient can walk more than 8000 steps in a day. 
At this point the Knee has usually attained its full range of movement. The Range of movement is Pain free. All patient are off any pain management medications. 
Patients continue to take medications and supplementation for other medical conditions and bone strengthening. 
A lot of patients report better sugar and blood pressure control as patients sleep quality, ability to exercise and stress reduces drastically. 
However the prosthesis will still take some time to feel like a natural knee. People usually take 1.5 to 2 years to forget that they have undergone surgery. Also there is no limitations as such with the new knees except sitting on the floor cross legged or squatting to use an Indian toilet.

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Dr. Ramakant Bhivsan

5 years of experience


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Knee replacement surgery Includes both Total knee replacement and partial knee replacement surgery. It's one of most successful surgical treatment for Osteoarthritis of knee. In today's hi tech era of medical science new technologies help the things to do almost 100 % successful in terms of painless, completely functional knee with almost Normal knee movements of operated knee joint with artificial knee Implants .

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Dr. Saksham Mittal

8 years of experience


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In normal case you will be walking independently without support and nobody will be able to tell you that you got operated. but if there are any complications then your orthopedist will guide you.


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