Asked on 20th Aug, 2022

Are there any alternative surgical procedures which don't involve total removal of the breast for Stage 2B breast cancer treatment and where in India can I get it done?

Breast cancer stage 2 B doctors from my country told me that the only option is surgery takeoff the breast then after Wil start chemo .my worry is losing my breast and the after side effect.Now my question is that can surgery be done only where there's a lump? Which hospitals in India are good for those surgeries if they do it.

Dr. deepak ramraj

Dr. deepak ramraj

Surgical Oncology

2023 years of experience

Answered on 20th January 2023

breast conserving surgery can be done based on the clinical picture. Fortis hospital banerghatta , Bangalore is a good hospital for the same 

Pankaj Kamble

Member of team ClinicSpots.

Answered on 18th July 2019

Hello Annet, For breast cancer treatment at stage 2 B, Surgery is going to be the base followed by:

  1. Chemotherapy,
  2. Radiation Therapy,
  3. and Hormone Therapy.

Thus, surgery is an important and compulsory part of treatment. Since in this stage the tumor has spread to lymph nodes, so they have to be removed along with the lump to get the best possible results. Thus, Mastectomy (Breast Cancer Surgery) is needed.

But don't worry after surgery you can get breast-conserving surgery done through which breasts can be reconstructed. Hope this answers your query.

For hospitals you can visit our page - Best Breast Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India.

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