Hello, which is the best treatment for lung cancer for a female of 58 years. Size 5cm-8cm in right lung. Please guide us with further treatment.

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Hello, The treatments available for lung cancer are:

  1. Surgery: The surgeon removes the affected part or sometimes a lobe or entire lung depending on all the parameters of the patient. Types of surgeries are-
    Wedge resection, Segmental resection, Lobectomy, Pneumonectomy.
    Doctors may also remove lymph nodes from chest to check for cancer. The doctor may suggest chemotherapy or radiation therapy before surgery in order to shrink the tumor if it is large. Also, the same may be done in the case of recurrence if suspected.
  2. Radiation therapy: It is also recommended in whom surgery is not recommended as the first line of treatment.
  3. Chemotherapy: Chemo along with adjuvant treatment to surgery also is given to relieve pain and other symptoms in advanced cancer.
  4. Radiosurgery: Radiosurgery can be advised for people with small lung cancers who can't undergo surgery. It may be given in metastasis of cancer.
  5. Targeted drug therapy: It is also one of the treatments available but usually used in advance cancer.
  6. Immunotherapy: This is a newer treatment used in cancer treatments. But we would advise you must consult an oncologist for the exact line of treatment you require for best results. Hope our answer helps you.

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